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Lil Rick: The legacy continues

Newly crowned Party Monarch thrilled to see son on the stage.

As Lil Rick savours his first Party Monarch victory in eight years, he had another reason to feel proud earlier in the day at Soca Royale as he witnessed his son, Rene Reid, perform some of his winning hits over the years during the Monarchs of the Mas tribute.

“That was awesome; that was sweet to see! My own son, looking like me on stage and sounding like me… It was like, ‘Oh gosh, is that me?’ – although I know it was him."

Now rebranded as Supa Hype, the younger Reid, who has previously released music under the name Unda Dawg, said it’s time for him to come into his own as an artist, but noted that he was honoured to have the opportunity to pay tribute to his dad, the Hypa Dawg.

Meanwhile Lil Rick, reflecting on his winning performance of Iz A Bajan, which earned him a maximum 100 points, toldLoop News:

“I was comfortable and I enjoyed myself. You know when you get that reception from the crowd, you feel at home and ready to open up.”

Speaking moments before the results were announced, he said, “You know you might have seen me with an angry face couple years back, but I’z a grown man now and whatever happen tonight I still went and enjoy myself and love it – like (Red) Plastic Bag!” he said with a grin.

Nonetheless, he had nothing to worry about as he took the title with a resounding 100 points, well clear of second-placed Mr Blood with 62 points. Defending monarch Peter Ram earned 58 points for third place and in fourth place was Mikey with 50 points.

Lil Rick told Loop News, “I feel real good! It’s always good to win.”