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Pyramid Barbados


Tribute to the Island Girls

If you’re from the islands, whether the island of St. Vincent or any of the other islands in the Caribbean, then you’re going to love this latest collaboration between London born Marlon Roudette and  Skinny Fabulous. This groovy soca track titled “ Island Girl”and produced by Alex Barnwell combines Skinny’s chanting with Marlon’s smooth vocals on this single paying tribute to women from the islands who stand by their man through good and bad times.

Born to a Vincentian mother, Marlon is currently signed to Universal and is due to release his first solo project since parting ways from the group Mattafix. His first single and the name of his album “New Age” was released in July, 2011 and immediately found its way to number 1 in Germany. Check out the video to the single “New Age” which the Pyramid camp have simply fallen in love with, and look out for the placement of St. Vincent flag in this one

Skinny Charges up Poison UK


Whether it was the Calo festival last weekend or  performing on the truck with the Poison UK team for Notting hill Carnival, Skinny Fabulous not only charged up soca lovers in London but had bodies moving and heads turning as he sang the lyrics to this year's popular singles 6:30 and Rave Out.

Although there was a noticeably heavy police presence along the parade route in the aftermath of the recent riots, it was clear that nothing was going to stop what has become one of the largest carnivals in the world. Over 2 million onlookers and over 1000 masqueraders in the Poison band were treated to performances from Barbadian deejay Alvin Toppin, Trinidadian Alicia de duchess, Back to basics and DJ Spice from NYC, UK based soca artiste Kenyatta and several other international deejays along with Skinny Fabulous.

Not to be left out of the action was the Ministry of Tourism of St, Vincent and the Grenadines. Apart from visible branding on one of the Poison UK trucks and having their three time soca monarch winner Skinny Fabulous perform along the route, they also distributed business sized cards bearing a QR Code. A scan on any smartphone device would lead the viewer to a portal displaying the distinctive offerings of the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Even when the music was eventually shut off and masqueraders continued their journey behind  the performance truck, deejays kept the crowd entertained with accapella renditions of some of the greatest soca hits of all times.

Like the Berlin carnival which welcomed Skinny Fabulous in 2010 and Lil Rick in 2011, carnivals across Europe continue to provide a touring circuit not only for Caribbean soca artistes but also several deejays. Next stop for Pyramid is Labour Day Carnival in Brooklyn, New York. Stay tuned for more info.

Philip 7 Masala at NACA Showcase

Following the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) showcase held in St. Louis, Missouri in February 2011, Masala featuring Philip 7 made their debut performance on the college circuit, kicking it off on August 25th at the Western Kentucky College "M.A.S.T.E.R Plan" concert.

The concert was attended primarily by the new students on campus, although a number of senior students and the general public also came out to see the captivating performances. Confidently working across the wide eclectic spectrum of the various genres of music, Masala treated the audience to a myriad of pop, r&b, dance, soca and reggae music, rendered in the true "Masala Style".. After the flawless performance, the mesmerized audience roared for an encore. Other acts performed included solo guitarist Cannon Smith and international recording band, Love and Theft.

Masala takes to the road for the second college performance at Indiana University Southeast on August 30th, then on to Virginian Wesleyan College on September 2nd.