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Pyramid Barbados


Many Moods of Rick

If you have been following the career of Lil Rick, you would have realized by now that Lil Rick, the Hypa Dawg, Chihuahua Business man, Boardface, De Ugly Dawg, Rickey Minaj and Mr. Crop Over are all one and the same. Over the years, Lil Rick has not only evolved musically but at each new phase of his career he has added a new alias. Today, all of the names are used interchangeably to describe one of Barbados’ most loved deejays, entertainers and radio personalities.

Competition Fever

Securing a title in one of the local, regional or international soca competitions is an eagerly anticipated moment on the carnival calendar for many established and emerging artistes. For some, entering the competition is a springboard used to showcase their talent. For others, it is an opportunity to create a memorable “show" combining performance with theatrical production, elaborate costumes, choreographed dancers and visual and dramatic effects.

For many artistes in the Pyramid camp, involvement in the competition over the years and even securing a title has not only raised their profiles but also gained them recognition in markets where they may not have been previously known. Back in 2007 Biggie Irie, known predominantly in the reggae arena in Barbados and across the region secured the BMobile International Groovy Soca monarch title in Trinidad and was immediately catapulted onto the soca scene. For Vincentian Skinny Fabulous, Barbados’ Peter Ram and Lil Rick, all of whom started out singing dancehall or reggae, their entry into the soca arena has yielded many positive results for their careers.

Although none of the Pyramid artistes copped any of the major titles this year, they secured the number two position in competitions in Barbados and St. Vincent. Whether the artistes made their entrance to the stage in a Jet Pack(click here to see Skinny Fabulous’ performance)or combinedthe world of magic together with acrobatics to dramatise the concept of craziness(click here to see Lil Rick’s performance)or simply gave a perfect vocal rendition of one of the sweetest groovy soca songs for the Crop Over season( click here to see Biggie Irie’s performance)one can expect to see them at several of the major events in the coming months and even performing songs which they did not enter into the competition but which have already started to dominate the soca arena.


Sweet Soca

1 RPB –Once Upon a Whine

2 Biggie Irie – Can’t Be Over

3 Edwin – Good Time

4 Mikey - Jammin

5 Blood – Insane (Clapping)

6 TC feat Peter Ram – Coming Down

7 TC - That’s What I Wanna Do

8 AC - Aint Saying Nuttin
9 Mike Thompson – Coming Soon

Party Monarch

1 Mikey –Pavement Anticipation

2 Lil Rick – Crazy People

3 Edwin – Cover de Road

4 Blood –De Experience

5 TC – Blaze it up

6 Khiomal – Poze

7 Sammy Jane – Right Here

8 Eric Lewis – Tek De Dun and Go Long

9 Bret Linton – I Ready

10 Mike Thompson – Bajan Line Dance

St. Vincent Soca Monarch

1 Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper – Animal

2 Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle – Cave man

3 Godwin ‘Gao’ Oliver – Noon

4 James ‘Jamesy P’ James -No Prisoners

Jones and Wuk Up - The New Dance Craze


Even if you were not one of the several soca lovers at Brewster’s Road on the 18thJune when Lil Rick first performed Jones & Wuk Up, those who were present made sure that no one was left out of the mix. Within seconds of introducing the new single and dance, several audience members could be seen pulling out video recorders, cell phones and any device which bore a video camera which could be used to capture his performance.

Within minutes, several recordings of the performance made its way onto facebook and youtube and talk of a new dance craze quickly spread across the internet. In less than two months, the video has amassed over 65,000 views. For those of you who haven’t yet figured out either how to Jones, Wuk Up or Jones and Wuk Up we decided to share some videos with you of the dance. After all, the first signs of Jonesing originated in the Pyramid camp with Peter Ramand label mate Lil Rick has now added his own flavour to the already popular dance.

Jones and Wuk up is a fusion of the movement of Jonesing (quick hand movements) and “wukking up” ( a gyrating waistine movement popularly associated with persons of Bajan descent).