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Pyramid Barbados


The Child Stars of Barbados

It is now two years since the Hypa Kids made their first entry onto the soca scene. Whilst many of their peers often make their first appearance during the island’s Junior Monarch Competition, this duo’s career has taken a completely different turn. As the youngest  offspring of Barbadian entertainer Lil Rick, they were thrust onto the stage with their father at several of the major parties during Barbados’ annual Crop Over season.

Barbadians have watched the growth of this duo, Rickara aged   and Rinicko aged   years right before their eyes and those visiting during the Crop Over festival who have been fortunate to witness their live performance have simply fallen in love with their stage antics, vocal ability and comfort as the perform to large audiences. 

In 2010, they expressed to their father that they wanted to become involved in the artform after watching Lil Rick and his oldest son and deejay Renee (Undadawg) perform Break Away in 2008. Lil Rick decided to give the children a song which he had initially penned for himself but which on reflection he felt would best suit the youngsters.

It was the youngest Rickara who would run around the house singing the song at first and later Lil Rick added parts for Rinicko. Within a few days they memorized the words and were taking instructions from their father about their upcoming stage performances. That year, they appeared at several events with Lil Rick who would act as the “hype man” introducing them into his set. At the end of season they were the newest addition to the Celebration Time calypso tent and had performed at every major event including the climax event of the Crop Over festival “Cohobblopot" sharing the stage with the best of Barbadian and regional entertainment.

This year they came strong again.  The duo confidently commanded the attention of partygoes as they gave their rendition of last year’s Happy Feet before introducing this year’s release of Mash Up de Place. This second song, also penned by their father has cemented the Hypa Kids as serious contenders in the soca arena. With Lil Rick's vast experience in the industry the future for the Hypa Kids and the future of Barbadian soca looks bright with these rising stars.

Launch of Honey Jam Barbados

Honey Jams Barbados 2011 has officially launched! Kicking off the event at Divi Southwinds Hotel founder Ebonnie Rowe says she was proud to present an event which was “more than just a show.”

 Honey Jams is an all female multicultural, multigenre artist showcase and the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. It is based on the Honey Jam movement in Canada which boasts Nelly Furtado as their most famous alumna. Back in February, 2011 the concept was first introduced to Barbados titled “ A Taste of Honey Jams” and it was so well received that founder Ebonnie Rowe felt compelled to introduce the full movement to Barbados.

 Speaking before a crowd of former participants, aspiring artistes and sponsors, Ms. Rowe called on those at the corporate and governmental level interested in developing a platform for talent irrespective of their musical genre to support the showcase. Making the point that Honey Jams is a showcase and not karaoke, Ms. Rowe encouraged those serious about making a career in the music industry to sign up for the auditions.   

 Lead vocalist Philip 7 of the band Masala will join soca queen Alison Hinds as a judge for the auditions on October 4th at the Plantation Garden Theatre and the finalists will showcase on the 14th November, also at the Plantation.

For more information email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Jadine living the dream

Monsterratian beauty Jadine has not only been dreaming of a career in music but also living her dreams. Her story is one which her manager Victor Lewis who has worked closely with Jadine and witnessed her growth over the years felt should be shared in Lewis’ upcoming docu-series Caribbean Dreamers. Directed by Lewis and produced by Revolutionary Laboratory the project features the behind the scenes real life stories of several Caribbean artistes and their journey to make a name for themselves in the global music industry.

Monsterratian born, Boston based Jadine joined the likes of Jamaican Tessane Chin, Third World and actor Leon in this “up close and personal look into these artists’ lives as they bring their uniquely Caribbean artistry into all corners of the globe.” According to Lewis, Caribbean Dreamers also captures “on screen globe-trotting business moguls crossing continents promoting their art; brokering deals; putting out fires and starting others.”

The docu-series will hit the screen on the 16th November, 2011 at the Roxy in Los Angeles. To view the trailer check  and look out for the soon to be launched official website.